Agrofim Global delivers comprehensive solutions for structure protected crops, fitted with the most modern equipment each grower requires. We help our clients find the most appropriate alternatives based on types of crops, available budget and general conditions, such as climate, topography, etc. Our services start with the analysis of needs through the design, building process and completion of a functioning facility, all built with the highest standards of quality.

Project Stages

  • Identifying Customer Needs

    Our experts listen to each customer’s current and future plans, regarding the type of crops to be grown, climatic and environmental conditions, budgetary constraints, size of operation, water and energy resources, and any other preferences.

  • Study of the Field

    The project begins with our analysis of factors such as external constraints, type of terrain, and topography, in preparation for the start of the construction.

  • Customized Design and Planning

    We study all important parameters such as climate, wind, snow and crop loads, soil, and type of crops. We then select the equipment and components required to run the greenhouse like heating, cooling, humidity control, screening, lighting, ventilation, CO2 control, drip irrigation networks, pumping stations, water disinfection, drainage, fertilizer distribution, hanging gutters, trellis systems, spraying, harvesting, and electricity as well as the software and hardware required to manage and monitor all this once the facility becomes operational. We perform statics calculations and design enclosing building’s layout, structure, materials, glazing, etc. so it will accommodate all the requirements.

  • Groundwork and Foundations

    This is the stage of ground leveling and laying the proper foundations to support the structure to be constructed.

  • Construction

    The most advanced building technology and materials are utilized during all the stages of the construction, which is conducted under our supervision.

  • Glazing

    The selection of the material to be used for the cover of the greenhouse is critical. We offer several options based on the loads of crops, wind force, and snow, as well as other expected weather conditions. All this determines the choice of ventilation windows, gables and sidewalls. The greenhouse is built to ensure proper drainage of rainwater.

  • Photovoltaic Roofs

    We offer the option of photovoltaic greenhouses for growing crops and generating electricity at the same time.

  • Heating and CO2 Control

    Our energy efficient heating systems are versatile and ensure that the main growing areas and nurseries maintain the right levels of temperature. We offer both hot air and hot water alternatives. The boiler house is an integral part of the project. Burners can work with natural gas or liquid oil. Overhead heaters are used to melt accumulated snow. The system is designed to supply the required level of CO2 according to the crops cultivated.

  • Thermal and Shading Screens

    Thermal and shading screens with sophisticated mechanisms in combination with sensors, allow for precise control of the level of light in the greenhouse according to desired plant development. Thermal screens are specially designed for energy saving.

  • Irrigation and Fertilizer Distribution

    Drip irrigation and fertilizer distribution are part of a comprehensive system which includes water storage tanks, pumping stations, sub-distribution, pressure tanks, drainage, flush lines, valve sets, disinfection units, as well as fertilizer mixing and dosing units. Our systems are built to save water and optimize the use of fertilizers to prevent waste and unnecessary environmental damage.

  • Ventilation and Climate Control

    We offer a range of solutions in roof and wall ventilation options, in addition to air circulators and ventilators. All this is part of an integrated climate control platform.

  • Cooling and Fogging Systems

    Our computer controlled fogging systems help cool and humidify the environment of the greenhouse.

  • Control and Electrical Installation

    We offer solutions for the control of all the internal greenhouse systems from one centralized terminal. The electrical system installation includes all required switchboards and cables.

  • Hanging Gutters and Trellising

    The infrastructure of the greenhouse is built from the start to support the load of the hanging gutters and the crops.  The advanced systems we provide ensure highly efficient collection of drainage water.